Lighthorne Partners works with business owners who want to sell their company or raise investment.

If you want to sell your business, your first challenge is to attract buyers. This is harder than it sounds.


Even successful businesses have red flag issues that send potential suitors running for cover and untapped sources of value that they never realise.


As a result, many fail to find a buyer; and when they do, often settle for a sale value much lower than they wanted and could have achieved.

Lighthorne Partners help you fix these issues and get a higher price for your company. 

We call this optimising your company for sale.

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In the latest edition of INCREASE THE VALUE OF YOUR COMPANY  you'll learn about the nine value factors and how to use them to attract more buyers or investors - and secure a higher price for your company.

Applying the principles in this guide will improve the fundamental strength of your company. These are NOT quick fix hacks - buyers and investors are much too smart to fall for that.

The more time you have before you want to sell, the more you can increase the value of your company. We recommend starting 3-4 years in advance.

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Revised and updated 2020 Edition

An average investor receives over 3,000 applications for funds a year.

They make around 6 investments.

Finding a buyer for your business - whether a trade buyer or a private equity investor - has never been easy. The Covid-19 pandemic has made it even more challenging.

Investors are more risk averse. They want businesses with dependable future profit flows.


That means they value companies that generate cash, have strong financials, a credible growth plan and a management team that can deliver the plan.

Work with Lighthorne Partners to create a company that buyers and investors want.

Tailored Consultancy

We help you identify the value factors that need fixing, develop the strategy to increase your company's value and roll up our sleeves help you implement your plan.


The Value Multiplier Programme

Over twelve months we lead you through every value factor, assessing your company's performance and implementing practical improvements to make your company more attractive and more valuable.

Buyers and Investors are interested in a company's future, not its past.

It's not about how good you've been but how good you will be. 


Approachable wisdom and expertise


Paul Hogg

Paul advises on company organisation, manufacturing and HR.

Having started his career in factory management, he progressed to become global manufacturing director and then global HR director.

Paul is a qualified executive coach.


Peter Reynolds

Peter's expertise is sales and marketing and designing company business models. 


He has over 30 years' experience in industry and consulting and has led companies through growth and turnaround.

Peter is on the Board of Governors of Coventry University and holds a number of non-executive directorships.


Tom Willcock

Tom has over 20 years' experience with retail financial institutions where he focused on company-wide change initiatives, corporate strategy, technology and innovation.


Mark Shepherd

Mark creates brands for companies and products, creating significant value in the process.

He is expert in new product development, ensuring innovative ideas have strong customer and consumer appeal - which is why he has a string of successful products behind him.

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Toby Desforges

Toby has a long track record in driving shareholder value by identifying and prioritising new sales channels - an ability which is highly prized by buyers and investors.

Toby has written widely on the subject of demand creation and a sought after speaker.

Wim Junge

Wim works with company leadership teams to improve their team-working and individual leadership skills.

He regularly coaches CEOs and board members to improve their personal performance and their company's results.

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