Lighthorne Partners work with business owners who want sell their company or raise investment.

If you want to sell your business, your first challenge is to attract buyers. This is harder than it sounds. There are red flag issues that send potential suitors running for cover. Most of them can be fixed - if you know where to look and have the operational expertise and bandwidth to do it.

Then you need to make sure you don't limit the price of your company by failing to fully exploit all your value drivers.


We call this optimising your company for sale.

What we do

We are focused on multiplying company value and enhancing sustainable profitability and will show you how to:

- maximise the valuation of the company.

- optimise revenue streams quickly.

- ensure your solutions are sustainable.

- deliver scalability to your business.

 - enhance efficiency.


Raising capital, from investors or buyers,

is difficult.

Most investors receive hundreds of approaches each year and make only a handful of investments.

Lighthorne Partners will make your company more attractive to investors, increasing your ability to get the investment you need, on the terms that you want.


Getting a company back into a growth-mode isn’t always straight-forward.

There may be questions about your product or service, is it still relevant for today and for today’s customers and consumers? 

There might be opportunities to optimize your revenue model, find business opportunities in adjacent markets or categories.


The Lighthorne Partners Pathway to Growth programme prepares you to win in your business category.


Approachable wisdom and expertise

Our core team is 5 senior managers from the corporate, start-up and consultancy worlds. Between us we have expertise in:  corporate strategy, sales and marketing, organisation structures, reorganisations, HR and team leadership, supply chain and production, risk and change management. The international team is split between the UK and Switzerland so can get anywhere quickly.  The 150 years of collective experience has operated in Europe, (West and East), Asia, Africa, US and China.

“The great thing about Lighthorne Partners is that we all have deep knowledge that we want to leverage to make companies more valuable. We understand business well, we've all been round the block a few times so know the pitfalls to avoid!"





Tom has 20 years of working in retail finance institutions, with a focus on delivering company-wide change initiatives, corporate strategy, governance and risk management.


Tom was asked by a retail financial institution to implement debit card functionality into its product portfolio.  The project comprised initial business requirements definition, selection of technology platform, target operational design, product design, third party vendor for card manufacture, user testing and launch.  This was completed within 12 months.


Tom project managed the due diligence phase of a merger of a top 5 building society within another building societythe financial crisis.  He also carried out the financial modelling of the retail savings and mortgage book, and led the integration of the finance and treasury functions.  The whole project, end to end, was completed within 13 months.

Peter multiplies investor value by creating high octane sales engines. He provides answers to some key questions: which channels and customers give the best opportunities for growth? How can the potential be exploited quickly and profitably? What sales organization, processes, policies and sales capabilities will maximize predictable revenue and profits?

Peter has led major sales organisations including UK and Northern European Sales Director for LEGO, EMEA Sales Director in Manpower Group as we well as extensive consulting experience across many industry sectors.

Peter is a member of the Coventry University International Advisory Board.

Paul multiplies investor value by delivering change management, organisation design and all major components of restructuring.

A Senior Operations professional and Global Head of Human Resources who has overseen global reorganisations and taken lead roles in restructuring, mergers, acquisitions and divestments.

Paul has 40 years of business experience and has been a member in 20+ affiliate boards.

An International professional who has worked worldwide and now provides strategic assistance, and coaching to businesses in need.


Mark brings real value by ensuring brand and marketing activities and product portfolios are optimised against the appropriate customer and consumer segments. He brings a balance of creativity and down-to-earth pragmatism to sharpen a brand positioning for existing markets and to identify lucrative new markets.


Mark doubled a $150m grocery business in Russia by adapting the product range to better suit consumer needs.

He has recently positioned and branded a biotech start-up in Switzerland to help create a multi-million valuation.

Mark has 30 years' experience in marketing as a board member of Nestlé in 3 countries and leader of global marketing departments at a corporate level.

Mark is a member of the faculty of International Business Management at the University of Applied Sciences, Western Switzerland where he lectures in marketing management.


Toby has a track record of driving shareholder value by identifying and prioritizing new sales channels and by developing sales force processes and capability to deliver sustainable growth.


Whilst working with a global nutrition company in China, Toby helped identify new revenue growth opportunities in under-developed sales channels. He supported the management team in developing a strategic roadmap to underpin future growth. The execution of this roadmap contributed to the sale of the company to the world’s largest health and hygiene company at nearly a 30% premium.


With a multinational home and personal care company, Toby identified major gaps in marketing and sales processes. He worked with the company to define, document and implement new business practices. The implementation of these contributed to the longest sustained period of revenue growth, delivering 13% CAGR over 11 years.


Toby has over 30 years’ experience working with leading consumer goods businesses including Mars, PepsiCo, Sony, Unilever, Danone, Coca-Cola and Tesco.  As the co-author of “The Shopper Marketing Revolution”, he is a globally recognised expert in Marketing and Sales Development.


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