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Road to growth.

Our Road to Growth programme is there to help business owners and investors realise the potential of any company and help you win in your marketplace.

BAP Facts


Starting with a comprehensive review that defines the Barriers and Pathways to growth (BAP), we deliver a detailed analysis of your business ensuring that later decisions are fact based and are clear up -front.


The road to growth


The BAP Facts will identify multiple ways to grow, (and, from our experience,  some cost saving opportunities too).  We will help you prioritise and concentrate on the things that will really make a difference to your future growth.  Working with your board we will highlight how different choices will affect your growth potential and help you allocate resources appropriately.


All recommendations will be supported with evaluation metrics and clearly delineated timetable.




Your Road to Growth now becomes your implementation plan.  We will manage the workstreams needed to deliver.

We will:

  • Work with you to create project budgets and teams;

  • Be your Growth Project Management Office;

  • Agree short-term goals to keep each project on schedule;

  • Identify “low hanging fruit” or quick wins to help you on your way from day 1;

  • Seek out growth areas and adjacencies that can be targeted;

  • Help you eliminate unnecessary costs by finding efficiencies in ways of working;

  • Control process and outputs to ensure high quality work – the first line of project governance;

  • Coach project team members;

  • Report progress to the board using our Pathway to Growth Dashboard.


Growth-mode business plan


This is your business plan.  You will need to execute it in order to deliver the growth. 

Lighthorne Partners will be there on your journey to train and mentor, and to lead and steer the team to a successful business turnaround.