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Investment-Ready Services

Golden Fleece Programme

Our flagship Golden Fleece Programme prepares you to win in the investment market.


BAP Facts

A comprehensive and unique assessment of your business that defines the barriers and pathways, (BAP), to investment. The detailed understanding of your business this assessment gives us means your decisions later in the programme are fact based.


Priorities – The Readiness Roadmap

BAP Facts identifies a range of ways to make your company investment ready. But you can’t do everything – you’ll achieve much more by concentrating on the few things that really matter.

We work with your board to agree on your most important priorities. We’ll facilitate the board’s decision-making, highlighting how different choices affect investor attractiveness and your company’s value as well as highlighting the resources you need to allocate.


For each priority we’ll agree a set of metrics comprising an ultimate objective and predictive measures that the board can use to make sure progress is on schedule.


Perhaps the most important output from this part of the Golden Fleece Programme is a board of directors fully committed to their Readiness Roadmap.



Your Readiness Roadmap is only valuable when you use it.

We will manage the workstreams needed to deliver on your Readiness Roadmap priorities. We will:

  • Work with you to create project budgets and teams;

  • Be your Project Management Office;

  • Agree short-term goals to keep each project on schedule;

  • Control process and outputs to ensure high quality work – the first line of project governance;

  • Coach project team members;

  • Report progress to the board using our Golden Fleece Dashboard.


Where you lack the skills, our partners will either be directly involved in delivering the project or train your employees so they have the skills to complete the work.


Some workstreams may not be project based. Instead, the barrier or pathway may need a new way or working.

In these cases we will:

  • Design new processes;

  • Set measurement criteria for the adoption and quality of new work processes;

  • Provide change management support to ensure new processes and practices are adopted quickly and with the full commitment of everyone affected.


Investment Business Plan

When you are Investment Ready, the Investment Business Plan is the main document you’ll use to convince investors to give you the capital you need.


Using our 13-part Investment Business Plan, we will create a compelling document that clearly demonstrates why investors should choose your company.


We recommend you engage corporate finance professionals with access to the largest pool of suitable investors.