Value Multiplier Podcast

If you are interested in being a guest on the Value Multiplier Podcast simply click the button below to email Peter Reynolds

Or call me on +44 7857 264720

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Podcast FAQs

Do you send me the questions beforehand?

Before our conversation I'll tell you the subject areas that we'll cover. I don't share the specific questions because this can make your answers sound "canned" - you will come across as much more natural and authoritative when we have a conversation rather than an interrogation

Do I need any special equipment?

No! All you need is a computer or other device, headphone and mic, and a smartphone. We use Zoom for our discussion, so your device has to be able to run the Zoom app. Headphones and mic - this is to make sure high quality sound recording. You can use the standard headphones that are supplied with smartphones; Wired headphones usually produce higher quality sound than bluetooth (although you can use bluetooth if that's all you have). Smartphone - you use this to record your side of the conversation as a backup. I record both your and my voice and your recording is a backup in case of technical issues.

Do you send me a copy of the podcast before it's broadcast?

I send you the podcast immediately after it is broadcast. You can then share it on your website or social media platforms.

How long does it take?

The podcast will last for 20-30 minutes. You should allow around 45 minutes for our conversation.

Do you edit our conversation before broadcast?

We use edit only to remove any long pauses and any umms and ahhhs. We don't edit what you say and we never try to alter meaning. What you say is what you'll hear on the broadcast.

How do you share the podcast?

The podcast will be made available on iTunes and Spotify, the two most popular podcast platforms.

Can I share the podcast on LinkedIn or other social media?

Yes. When you receive the podcast you are free to share it where you like.