Tailored Consultancy

There are three basic types of consulting project. Each one can be completely tailored to fit your particular situation and needs.

You can choose just one type of project or combine two or more in a seamless, comprehensive programme.


Insight Project

When you don't know how your company stacks up against the value factors or how much scope there is to make your company more attractive and more valuable to buyers and investors.

We evaluate your company to identify where you need to improve the value factors.

At the end of the project you'll have valuable new knowledge about exactly where to concentrate your improvement efforts. Knowing what to target means you will be able to make necessary changes faster, more efficiently and more cost effectively.

Strategy Project

You know you need to improve your performance against some of the value factors, but you don't know how.

In a strategy project we work out what you need to do to achieve the new performance standards you've set for your company - how to overcome the challenges you have and leverage the potential for a higher valuation.

At the end of the project you have a step-by-step plan to lead you to the results you need. You'll reach your goals faster and use fewer resource getting there.  


Implementation Project

You know what changes you need make and have a strategy to achieve them. What you lack is expertise or bandwidth.

In an implementation project we can either execute the plan for you or support your team through skills training and coaching. Or a combination of the two.

At the end of the project you will have achieved your objective. Your value factors will be in great shape and your company will be optimised for sale.

Contact us to find the best approach for you.